Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme Full Size


Imagine immersing your skin in an anti-aging skincare product that awakens your senses. Our signature age-defying Diamond Extreme cream targets extreme dryness and softens the signs of aging. Your skin gains optimal hydration in a single application. The Diamond Collection formula is designed to give your skin the vitality it needs to look younger. Revel in the relaxing lavender aroma and this dazzling boost of energy for an invigorated complexion.

Artemia salina helps invigorate your skin to revive dull and prematurely aged complexions.

Epidermal Renewal Complex is a sophisticated self-regulator for skin that supports the moisture barrier and helps improve your complexion, improving tone and texture.

Amaranth, mango and shea lipids are infused into this formula to provide intense hydration and nourishment.

Ursolic acid and pea extract contribute to improve flexibility and reduce the appearance of saggy skin.

Edelweiss flower extract is a miracle plant that grows in extreme conditions. It helps make your skin more resilient